Beach Hopping in Bali is a paradise for travel enthusiasts

Surf, dive and swim, or go sunbathing. Bali is indeed a paradise for travel enthusiasts who loves going to the beach. If you love hanging out by the beach, the best time to visit Bali is some time between April and October. 

Here are our top 3 pick for beach hopping during your trip to Bali:

1) Pantai Bingin

This is a wonderful hideaway for those of you looking for white sand beach encapsulated in a quiet, magical atmosphere. Surfers can test their skills on 5-8 meters waves. Bingin Beach is an extension of other beach areas, e.g. Dreamland, Balangan and Padang-padang Beach. They all share the same features: white sand beach and blue water. 

Bingin Beach Bali

Location: Pecatu, Bali Selatan

2) Padang Bai

There are two hidden beaches on Padang Bai, and they are Bias Tugel Beach and Blue Lagoon Beach - both their locations are very close to Padang Bai's Harbor

Padang Bai Bali

Photo credit Blue Lagoon Beach

Location: Padang Bai, Bali Timur

3) Pantai Geger Nusa Dua

This is the perfect ocation for those who want to enjoy the view at sunrise. The water is generally calm and, yes, it's also a white sand beach. It's located near Nikko Hotel, so you can actually access the beach from the hotel. However, if you're not staying there, you can get to the beach via Jalan Pura Puget, which is right before Nikko Hotel in Bali. 

Photo credit Merry Voyage

ps: "Pantai" means Beach in Malay