When’s the Best Time to Travel to Bali?

Photo Credit- denzo_streetboys

Bali is well-known as one of the best islands to enjoy your holiday. It is necessary to know when high season in Bali is. Foreign tourists from many countries around the world come to Bali every year. They like to enjoy Bali’s beautiful views, gorgeous sunsets and sunrises from its beautiful beaches, and learn about Bali’s traditional and unique culture.

When you decide to visit Bali, you should be aware of the island’s high season because all popular tourist spots will be crowded at that time with lots of people from all around the world. You will probably not be able to enjoy all the things Bali has to offer if you visit during high season.

In Bali, there are three seasons that tourists should recognize

1st - Normal season

2nd - High season

3rd - Peak season

1.   Normal season

Normal season in Bali comes after peak season and typically runs from mid-January through the end of June, as well as from mid-September to just before the Christmas holiday.

You will get some benefits when you come in normal season. You can find affordable accommodations in normal season, such as for hotels, transportation, tickets to visit some of Bali’s top destinations in Bali, and other bargains. You can easily book the best hotels and enjoy the best facilities and service when you come to Bali in normal season.

2.   High season

Bali high season starts in July and runs through September every year. During these months, many people enjoy summer holiday from work and school holiday. When you come to Bali during high season, you may not be able to find a hotel room easily. You must be patient maneuvering traffic jams throughout the island, and forget about enjoying a private holiday during high season.

3.   Peak season

As stated above, it is important for you to avoid visiting Bali during peak season – or at least know that there are risks involved when you come in peak season.

Peak season in Bali typically encompasses the major holidays in December and January, as well as Chinese New Year week. You’ll find that all hotels are booked solid and every popular destination filled to capacity.

Keep this in mind!

There are some activities that you’ll have to brave Bali’s high season in order to enjoy them to the fullest.

The best surfing conditions, for example, can be found from April to October. You’d best visit Bali during that time if you really want to enjoy your surfing adventure.

For those of you who want to enjoy Bali’s many festivals and other important events, many fall between July and October, so be sure to book hotels or accommodations earlier because it is high season. You also must prepare to spend more money as well when visiting Bali during high season.